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je_ultrastar's Journal

Johnny's Ultrastar!
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Johnny's songs for UltraStar
Welcome to JE Ultrastar, the community with Johnny's songs for Ultrastar karaoke program~ We want to share them with you, so you can enjoy them as we do together with our friends.

1. Please respect our work - we're spending a lot of time creating these songs.

2. We'd love to read your comments so write them if you download anything. We won't force you but still it's nice to see what do you think.

3. We won't force you to not re-post/re-upload our works, it's for everyone's joy anyway. But if you do so - please leave CREDITS inside a text file as they are. It's just #CREATOR tag but it means you care.

4. You can request a song but we can't promise we're going to make it. Depends on how much free time we have and if there's any midi/sheet music/video available. If you get accepted then wait patiently ^^ You can make your request HERE.

5. If you're also making songs and want to post them here - just PM us so we can add you as a maker~

6. Any questions left? Feel free to PM us anytime.

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